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If there’s one trend we’ve noted amidst the pandemic, it is the heightened love for Bitcoin.

More and more people have warmed towards Bitcoin through the pandemic, and this has changed a lot in the crypto world. Paying attention to this very trend, an Italian bank seems to have just the right plan of action. Banca Sella, the Italian bank is planning to launch an all-new trading platform amidst the pandemic.

It isn’t an uncertain step as the bank’s platform “Hype” is already being used to carry a variety of transactions every day. So, the bank plans of acting as an intermediate source to assure security in transactions. Protection and security are important factors that need to come into play with crypto transactions due to their very nature. The Italian bank, Banca Sella, seems to have appropriate measures in place to control cryptocurrency exchange through Hype with rigorous control and monitoring. For more info please visit Bitcoin Circuit.

Will the platform be a success?

The success of the platform is very likely, and this can be said due to a lot of reasons. The very first thing to note is the pre-existent traffic of crypto transactions. In that manner, Banca Sella doesn’t seem to be diving deep into something entirely new. It is only chiseling the potential of what it already knows works wonders.

Approximately a million users make use of the bank’s platform to indulge in everyday crypto transactions. Users can easily buy and sell Bitcoins and also conveniently pay for services through crypto by using

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