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Many years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto was an unknown member of a cryptic little group that met up roughly every ten minutes. One day Satoshi surprised the group by telling them he had a white paper. At first, the others weren’t interested because they already had plenty of white paper.

But Satoshi was being cryptographic. He was actually telling them about what was written on his white paper. When he stuck it up on a message board, the others could see that he had invented a new kind of money which, unlike old money, didn’t really exist. 

His friends were amazed. They told him they’d believe it when they could see it. But Satoshi said they would only ever be able to see it in a wallet. And that the wallet wouldn’t be a real wallet either. Satoshi’s friends were all very clever so they didn’t mind about that. 

Then Satoshi disappeared and was never heard from again. Some people said he’d turned into an old man in California. Others said he’d become a whole group of people who spent too much time on their computers. Nobody really knew. They only knew he probably wasn’t Japanese.

But now we do know. What Satoshi predicted all those years ago came to pass. The new money first appeared in the most unlikely setting—a run-down cow shed in the middle of nowhere. A wise man travelled there every day from a long way off to tend his computers. And then, one day in the depths of winter, he had some great news. He had given birth to Bitcoin.

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