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KyberSwap Wallet - How To Install and Use It

KyberSwap is an in-house token swap service on the Kyber Network. The KyberSwap wallet is a non-custodial, Ethereum-based wallet that supports more than 70 ERC-20 tokens and allows the users to swap them instantly in a secure way. The token exchange happens fully on-chain.

Along with buy/sell, it also allows the users to set limit orders (selective tokens), set token notifications, and alerts. The KyberSwap desktop application supports buying/selling ETH using fiat currency (powered by Torus), but this feature is currently not available on Android mobile applications.

KyberSwap is available as a website, mobile website, iOS app, and Android app.

KyberSwap has recently implemented a Reserve Routing system with Kyber Network’s recent protocol upgrade (Katalyst) to reduce gas fees. After a few days, the network again implemented the Advanced Reserve Routing to save more gas costs. These implementations are currently available on the desktop application, and both the iOS and Android mobile apps are going through the approval process.

In this article, we will focus on installing the KyberSwap wallet on Android mobile.

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KyberSwap Wallet

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