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On the day of what appears to be the largest breach in Twitter’s history, US Senator Josh Hawley pens an open letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asking him to explain what happened as fingers point to Twitter employees involved in the scam.

Yesterday, high profile accounts on Twitter were compromised and taken over in an apparent bitcoin-related scam, although the full scale of the attack has yet to be publicly assessed.

The Twitter accounts affected by the breach included those of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and others.

On Wednesday Senator Hawley called on Twitter to work with the FBI and DOJ to better secure its platform and asked that Dorsey answer the following questions:

  • Did this event represent a breach of users’ own account security or of Twitter’s systems?
  • Were accounts protected by two-factor authentication successfully targeted in this breach? If so, how was this possible?
  • Did this breach compromise the account security of users whose accounts were not used to share fraudulent posts? If so, how many accounts were affected? Were all accounts’ security compromised by this breach?
  • How many users may have faced data theft as a consequence of this breach?
  • What measures does Twitter undertake to prevent system-level hacks from breaching the security of its entire userbase?
  • Did this attack threaten the security of the President’s own Twitter account?

Shortly after Twitter acknowledged the “security incident” all blue-checked accounts were temporarily suspended from tweeting on Wednesday evening.

Fingers point to an inside job

In a bizarre turn of events, Joseph Cox

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