Bitcoin Adoption: $1 Million or More in BTC now Held by Over 13,000 Cryptocurrency Addresses – Crowdfund Insider

There are currently more than 13,000 Bitcoin addresses that are now holding at least $1 million worth of BTC, according to Glassnode data.

You would have to own around 108 BTC, at current prices, to become a US dollar millionaire (in Bitcoin). The number of Bitcoin addresses with balances of more than $1 million reached a record high during the historic crypto market bull run of 2017. In December of 2017, the BTC price had surged to nearly $20,000 and the market cap of all crypto-assets had surpassed the $800 billion mark by early January 2018.

It’s worth noting that the digital currency market has not been able to reach these historic highs, or even get close to them, during the past few years. Despite Bitcoin (and the larger crypto market) prices not being able to break previous highs, Glassnode data confirms that the number of addresses holding at least 100 BTC have remained at about the same levels in recent years.

It’s possible that many of these BTC addresses belong to large cryptocurrency exchanges and digital asset custodians, who have consistently maintained large amounts of Bitcoin (and other cryptos) in their reserves. Notably, there are more than 1 million Bitcoins which were most likely mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of the flagship cryptocurrency. Satoshi’s coins have not moved during the past 10 years.

Although it’s possible to check how many BTC addresses hold at least $1 million worth of the digital currency, it can’t really be determined just how many individuals are actually Bitcoin millionaires.

We would have to find out how many people or entities control the 13,290 BTC addresses with $1 million (or more)

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