China’s SF Express Employs Blockchain in Tracking Drugs, Food Products Amid COVID-19 Outbreak – CoinTrust

hina’s second largest courier service provider SF Express is studying the utilization of blockchain to move crucial goods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Times, an English media outlet under the supervision of the CPC-owned People’s Daily Group, stated that the Shenzhen-based company views blockchain technology to be advantageous for tracking the origin and assessing the quality of pharmaceutical products.

Even though the current situation and level to which SF Express has adopted blockchain is yet to be revealed, the company has stated that it “already begun to establish the use of blockchain,” particularly for the movement of drugs and foods, both of which require top criteria and credibility.

The new report highlights blockchain as one of the top budding technologies, in addition to big data and artificial intelligence that are assisting medical workers at the forefront and assist vendors to offer relief operations during the epidemic.

SF Express is stated to be merging blockchain with big info to build a supply chain network that backs tracing, authentication and precise documenting of goods.

The system will supposedly be able to point supply precedence levels in addition to neutralization of threats such as unlicensed or fake goods being supplied to various zones.

Renowned Chinese tech companies such as Alibaba Group and Huawei are supposedly concentrating their efforts on offering artificial intelligence solutions that can improve diagnostic systems for public health emergencies.

Researchers have earlier stated that the rising adoption of blockchain and AI technology by large enterprises such as Alibaba, SF Express and Apple should be mimicked by government and charity associations that are involved in public health related activities.

Criticizing China’s decision to channelize all public donations via five government-aided charity organizations, academic Syren Johnstone stated that blockchain systems, being decentralized, would offer better transparency to public, in addition to credibility

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