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Russia cryptocurrency ban

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The director of the Russian central bank, Alexey Guznov, has signaled that they are against institutions organizing the production of cryptocurrency in Russia Interfax online, Russia’s first non-governmental news broadcaster, founded in 1989 and now the largest diversified information group in the CIS.

However, if individual cryptocurrency owners complete their transactions in a jurisdiction that doesn’t prohibit it, they’re unlikely to be able to track cases.

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Russian digital financial investment (CFA) legislation was adopted at first reading in 2018, but has changed significantly since then.

Guznov spoke to Interfax about what consensus the Russian authorities have reached on cryptocurrency circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation, what new conditions and requirements are included in the CFA bill and other key central bank bills.

“The problem with cryptocurrency and, more generally, crypto assets (and this is not just our problem) is that it is not clear how enforcement of them against them can be ensured. For example, a spouse buys crypto assets for the entire amount of income and stores them in a crypto wallet. For example, there is a dispute regarding this property in divorce proceedings, and the court says, “Yes, all revenue must be shared.” The court is even ready to issue an enforcement order. “

“And then I want to look at the bailiff who will try to do something based on this enforcement order. Where, to whom, with what? Commit someone with keys to access a crypto

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