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Over 700 startups dealing with different aspects of fintech are estimated to be working in Israel today. They include payments solutions, business loans and credit, cybersecurity for payments, trading, and more. Citi accelerator, together with its collaborators Israeli Discount bank, software company Intuit Inc., and Visa published a list of Israel’s most promising fintech startups. The list includes selected startups in a variety of categories related to the industry, such as trading and investing, lending and financing, commerce, and payments.


Thirty venture capital funds, including Viola, Pitango, Team8, Entree Capital, and Qumra Capital, were asked to select the most promising companies. The VCs were allowed to name only one of their portfolio companies for only one of the categories.


Citi. Photo: Getty Images Citi. Photo: Getty Images


Here are the startups ranked by the investors as the most promising in the various categories:


Rapyd Financial Networks Ltd. ranked first in B2B payments category.

Founded in 2016, Rapyd has developed a Fintech-as-a-service platform that brings highly localized payment experiences anywhere. Entering 2020, Rapyd has tremendous potential driven by the expansion of global commerce and the need to embed financial services as an integral part of the next generation technology stack.


Trigo Vision Ltd. ranked first in the commerce and payments category.

Founded in 2017, Trigo developed a computer vision powered platform for a checkout-free shopping experience. Addressing the legacy brick and mortar market, Trigo is building a new operating system for retailers that has the potential to unlock a true grocery-wide revolution – revitalizing the in-store experience while keeping the best part of shopping alive.


Capitolis Inc. ranked first in the trading and investing category.

Founded in 2017 Capitolis has developed a platform

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