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Over the next two months several events are going to take place at once that could seriously change the cryptocurrency market. Multiple Hard Fork updates and new decisions by Binance promise to shake up the sector and crypto investors will have a number of new dates to put in their diaries.

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The Istanbul hard fork in the Ethereum core network

The main Ethereum network update is approaching. The developers have planned the Istanbul hard fork on block 9 069 000. Initially, it was planned to be activated on October 16, but it was postponed to December to eliminate a number of identified shortcomings. Previously, the update was activated in the test network, which led to the division into two circuits. The success or failure of this update is sure to have an impact on the price of Ethereum.

Tidex exchange delists a number of altcoins

At the end of November, representatives of the exchange informed users about the following delistings: Bitcoin Cash, Aeternity, Status, ANRYZE, Bowhead, LIFE, Gamblica, Tracto. Users will be able to withdraw their assets until April 2020. At the moment, the daily amount of transactions at the exchange is $2.2 million, 103 different pairs are available for trading. This can affect the cost of Bitcoin Cash, Aeternity, Status, ANRYZE, Bowhead, LIFE, Gamblica, Tracto.

Binance pairs removal

Representatives of the Binance exchange reported that the following pairs will be stopped from trading: PERL/USDC, ADX/BNB, POA/BNB, GNT/BNB, ARDR/BNB. Exchange users are recommended to cancel open orders in these pairs. Binance noted that coins will not

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