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Yuri Cataldo and Steve Good – co-hosts of The Coin Chat podcast – were doing the rounds in Malta earlier this month.

Their candid YouTube show on all things cryptocurrency and finance has hosted some of the industry’s biggest names from John McAfee to Roger Ver.

They also interviewed US presidential candidate Andrew Yang about his thoughts on blockchain, Bitcoin, and the general economy.

Now they’ve taken their years of combined experience in financial services and blockchain to help explain it to the masses in the form of a new book that demystifies the complex world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Be Left Behind

The book’s title, Be Left Behind, was presumably chosen to instil some kind of FOMO in potential readers. However, the pair explain that many people are curious about cryptocurrency and want to find out more, but because it feels like an “incomprehensible world”, they give up before getting started.

“Worse than that,” says Yuri, “they feel that the cryptocurrency craze has already passed them by, that they’ve missed the boat. Somehow, they got left behind. We’re here to tell people that it’s not too complicated to learn and nothing has passed them by.”

He laughs, “They also need to start learning about it before their grandmother does because it’s going to be really important for their future.”

Steve nods his head, “We’re here to tell people to read this book and stick with us, just like thousands of our followers do. If you do, not only will you understand these concepts, but you’ll learn how you can invest and how to keep your coins safely stored.”

They say that if people have questions, such as “what

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