Stellar price analysis 2 July 2019; XLM still struggling to break any resistance level – Cryptopolitan

It’s slowly starting to become an absolute nightmare for every XLM investor to open a chart and look at the three-month results.

What’s even worse is to compare the performance to other coins and their market consolidation.

XLM has failed to react to any major market movements over the course of the last month or so and is now nearing the $0.100 resistance, which is absolutely crucial for its yearly performance.

Should the XLM price break the $0.100 crucial resistance level, it will have much less room for growth before any major market movers occur. And it’s getting quite close as the coin is struggling to maintain the $0.103 level even now.

XLM price chart

XLM chart by Trading View

Normally, any altcoin would benefit from the BTC dominance exit soon to come in the next few weeks, but when it comes to XLM it may not be the case.

Many analysts are predicting a similar surge in Bitcoin’s price in the next couple of weeks or so, above the $15,000 resistance. Once again we will see a BTC market dominance while altcoins shed their market value.

However, the correction after that BTC surge is what’s called the altcoin season as BTC becomes too “expensive” for smaller traders or newcomers.

Altcoins like LTC and ETH are going to thrive in an environment like this but XLM has very little room for growth

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