LAPO blockchain to integrate with the Stellar Network – Cryptopolitan

Stellar and LAPO blockchain networks have partnered up in the hopes of integrating each other’s systems in order to maximize the effectiveness and market coverage.

The LAPO token will soon see coverage on the Stellar Blockchain, giving it much more exposure than it could have hoped for independently.

Stellar’s CEO also mentioned that the company’s goal is to maximize the capabilities of the blockchain network, which is impossible to do alone. Therefore, the integration with LAPO was yet another step towards introducing the blockchain to a much wider range of an audience.

Stellar and LAPO’s partnership entails the creation of a new protocol, which will be designed to help developing countries with their currency remittance. This is designed to help maintain not only the payment times but also the dangers of uncontrolled inflation.

No matter how we look at it though, LAPO is definitely the one benefiting the most from this partnership. LAX holders will now have the option to convert into Stellar LAX, which can later be converted to XLM, ultimately guiding the owners to completely new liquidity provisions.

LAX holders will soon have this option for them once the partnership starts. Transferring the tokens onto the Stellar network would provide immediate trade options and later, ways to cash out the coins completely.

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