Stellar price analysis 25 June 2019; Is Stellar starting a new uptrend? – Cryptopolitan

The Stellar community has been down in the dumps lately as the coin has utterly failed to ride the BTC craze over the last couple of days. The coin is starting to lose its hope of finally reaching that #10 spot in the market soon, but the Stellar Foundation may have something up their sleeves quite yet.

Despite the recent market uptrend with BTC, Stellar somehow managed to plummet back to $0.125, almost as low as it was before the uptrend even began.

In an attempt to stabilize the situation, the Stellar Foundation announced what exactly it is trying to achieve with the XLM token. Naturally, this spurred the community to pay much more attention to the coin, but to no avail, as the price still seems to be on a downward spiral.

XLM price chart

The current encouragement from experts for the traders is to enter the market at around $0.123 price point or wait out the bear even further and jump in at $0.101.

Although the price fall has been devastating for most, the bears are soon to be outclassed by the bulls as the market sentiment quickly starts to shift.

Regardless of the outcome, XLM still has some potential to ride the next BTC wave towards $15,000 potentially bringing the price of Stellar Lumens as high as $0.30 by the end of 2019.

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