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Why Is Stellar So Important for the Market? Here are 12 of the Most Interesting Projects

There are different cryptocurrencies and blockchains that are offering good services for companies to start building on top of them, and Stellar is one of these networks. Even though Stellar was never designed to compete against Ethereum or support different applications, it has been attracting many companies in the space that are working with it.

The platform is recognized for being transparent and stable, and this is something that sometimes, Ethereum does not have.

IBM And Its Universal Payment Solution

IBM is one of the most important technology companies working with blockchain technology, and it has decided to use Stellar Lumens (XLM) as unit of account for payments infrastructure.

At the same time, the company has partnered with different central banks all over the world, with a focus in the Asia-Pacific region. These institutions are trying to move fiat currencies into the Stellar Blockchain reducing costs and improving overall experience.

The Stellar network will also experience an increasing number of assets besides XLM. Of course, this can be harmful in the long term for XLM’s price, but it will make more effective tools available. IBM is working in order to create the most innovative solutions in this platform.


This is another famous company that is working so as to tokenize the global carbon credits market. Veridium has signed a partnership with IBM and Stellar with the intention to integrate their token (VERDE) with oil and gas trading platforms. This would help the company automate the process of offsetting carbon emissions.

It is important to mention that when a company or individual makes a purchase, they can also purchase a corresponding amount of carbon credits and offset their activities. Furthermore, for other institutions it could be a certification

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