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A couple of years ago, “Life in Bitcoin” showed us how to survive by using Bitcoin as the only payment method. The greatest part of documentary was filmed in the US., where in certain cities you can live using only Bitcoin for payments. But how about other parts of the world?

Let’s travel to Italy, to see how far you can go with digital currencies there.

Un Bitcoin, per favore

Italy is known for pizza, spaghetti and, unfortunately, for its mafia. All the money received from illegal activities has to be laundered and it seems that the mafia has started to use Bitcoin for this task. At least the Italian Senator from the Democratic Party (Pd), Lucrezia Ricchiuti, suggested it recently.

Blockchain is no stranger to Italian politics. Some time ago, the Five Stars popular movement leader Beppe Grillo has found a new application for the distributed ledger.

But overall, at the moment Italy has only about 10 BTMs, a very small number, considering how many Bitcoin machines you can find in other countries.

We’ve checked Italian BTMs in Turin at Sella Lab (via Maria Vittoria 38), in Milan at Talent Garden (via Merano 16), in Florence – in the city center and in a Rovereto coffee bar.

Sella Lab in Via Maria Vittoria is a place where Bitcoin enthusiasts meet in Turin

Also, the Italian android app called Qui Bitcoin and Coinatmradar indicates a few other BTMs in Trento, Genova and Reggio Emilia.

Of course, there are a wide range of online shops that accept Bitcoin and altcoins payments but only

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